Trevor Loveys

Elevate Your Mind

?Elevate Your Mind? is Trevor Loveys follow up to last years ?Moon Dust? EP which got big support from such big boys as Tom Middleton and won rave reviews in Seven and IDJ.

This time our Trev enlists the voice of Louise Dumbelton who delivers a soulful and powerful vocal which sits a treat on this mid-tempo futuristic electronic funk track.

Next up Ubiquity?s John Beltran turns in a Latinised remix which pitches the track up a cog or two for something more suitable for the dancefloor. Heavy percussion, Rhodes and dare we say a bit of Carlos Santana guitar, all make an appearance helping create some lush, uplifting vibes.

Flip over for the Real Deep remix which is pretty much that ? real deep, fat, rolling house with a bit of funk and plenty of vocals to get the girls singing along!



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