Direction Correction

The highly elusive and as yet anonymous Subjekt has been creating quality music, not to mention rocking dance floors the world over since time began. By utilising a dizzying array of pseudonyms to deliberately throw people off the scent, his productions veer from straight up jackin' house to seriously cut up breaks and beats, from mutant soul to modern day P-funk. With his debut album Subjekt delivers again and with devastating effect. The end result is a carefully crafted collection of futuristic, dance floor-friendly yet abstract grooves for those who are tired of hearing the same old beats and samples night in, night out.

From the filtered, blissed out funk of Serious Cakes to the minimal, stripped back grooves of Backroom Speakers and Dunky Frummer, this album twists and turns whilst keeping one foot firmly on the floor and one ear firmly on the future. The title track Direction Correction comes on like some long lost Prince instrumental whilst the singles Come On and Be My Chicago are pure unadulterated stompin' house for peak time pleasure everywhere. At the end of the day, it's all about the beats Repetitive rhythms that get inside your head and don't let up. Precise, calculated snippets of sound cut and pasted together in a way that makes you want to move yo ass!